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 Tarot Card Reader - Manju Mahinani  

"I just love the cards" says tarot card reader Manju Mahinani

Manju Mahinani Man has always had a very curious relationship with the occult. Over the ages, his belief has been replaced by a certain degree of skepticism specially regarding astrology, tarot, witchcraft, and crystal balls. The urge to know the future and resolve complexities of life impels one to try out various options and this has been continued over the ages. The popularity of tarot card reading runs parallel to astrology. Over hundreds of years tarot reading has been utilized to tap the vast resources of psychic powers residing in the human body and the locus of interest lies in the positive aspects and energies. It is believed to reveal to an individual his innerself.

Of late there has been a sudden spurt in the popularity of tarot readings in the metro cities all over the country. Even though not familiar with the system, people flock to tarot readers to learn about their fortune. Manju Mahinani is an accomplished tarot reader who has been practicing this unique ancient system of reading for a long time now. Managing her family business this young lady is very much a career woman as much as a tarot reader. Her hectic schedules does not prevent her from pursuing her passion about which she says " I just love the cards ". A practitioner of meditation and healing techniques, her Energy Candles hails positive changes in peoples life. Mumbaibest meets this young lady who offers an in-depth insight into tarot reading .

In layman's terms how would you describe tarot?

A Zen Tarot If you look around you will see that most people are unable to resolve the problems they face in life . They are unaware of the alternative that life has to offer. Tarot helps you chose the appropriate solution to a problem. Even when life closes upon oneself there is always a window providing one with an alternative opportunity. And tarot cards reveals the hidden window. All across the physical universe, there is freeflow of energies and it is the individual's energy which gets picked on to the tarot cards. The pictures in the tarot cards depicting archetypal figures together with symbols portray the innermost secrets. Tarot is a system of reading which works in manifolds... it reveals the way of looking at the world, helps one attain a greater degree of wisdom by recognizing one's own limitations and help rise above them. Tarot cards are a representation of man's subconscious understanding of the past, present and future. Over time, tarot has been come to be used as a tool for predicting the future, as a lighthearted "parlor game", a way to gather unseen, "occult" information about various situations.

What is the history of Tarot ?

Even though there is factual evidence of the use of tarot in medieval Italy, there is enough historical testimony which strongly points in the direction of India as its land of origin and I firmly believe that the later view is more authentic. The symbols which appear on the cards are very often seen in Hindus statues. There is another school of thought which contest this and believe that it originated in China. But the most strongest association of tarot is with the gypsies who are originally from Egypt. They made use of tarot to tell fortunes. As a matter of fact many of the symbols are representative of Egyptian designs and patterns. Kings and queens in the ancient times often kept there secrets hidden in tarot cards.

What are the different kinds of tarot spreads ?

Showing you the way There are various kinds of tarot cards such as the Zen, The Karma, Rideaway and Robinhood and the likes. But what is most important is the spread. The Celtic cross is considered to be one of the most powerful and oldest spreads used in Tarot reading. Many tarot readers feel it has remarkable powers of insight and perception. The cards are read in conjunction with their neighboring cards in the spread, this gives depth and clarification to the reading. If one is nterested in knowing what is in store for him in a particular year then there is the full year reading. The Relationship Tarot gives extraordinary insights about ones relationship with others.

How do you read a tarot card ?

Reader with her SpreadThe tarot cards are divided into the major and minor arcana. Out of a total of 78 cards, 22 make up for the major arcana and the remaining 56 consist of the minor arcana cards. The lesser arcana is divided into four suits which represent the four elements fire, earth, water and air. But the key cards are the major arcana which tells one about the current situation and the future. Energy is transmitted from the person on to the card and a reader interprets it but the task of interpretation is something which cannot be simply acquired. Intuition is an inherent quality which a tarot reader must posses. The major and minor arcane cards are read not in isolation but in conjunction with each other. Physical presence of an individual is not always a must for one can ask about somebody other than himself.

Does tarot need to be feared ?

Just as any other system of reading tarot also has certain negative aspects. A reader should never tell the person if anything bad is expected to happen. But as for me if the doom can be avoided I indirectly try to warn him of the necessary consequences of his present actions. I try to be 100 percent honest in my task. If a card shows death it doesn't necessarily mean that it is physical death for it has to be analyzed in the context of other cards. My job is essentially to guide you and not instill in you fear of the future. Ultimately it is ones destiny which guides him on.

How accurate are your prediction ?

Predicting the futureA tarot reader will always make the most precise and accurate prediction. You can go to another tarot reader but what he will tell you will be no different from what I said. Everybody will give you the same answer and I can vouch for that. Tarot cards never tell a lie. Even though it does not belong to a reading system such as astrology which has some scientific justification you can depend on what a tarot card tells you.

So the next time you wish to know about yourself, contact Manju Mahinani at:

Office Address:
C/o Shivangi Exports,
# 5A Avijah Building, Ground Floor,
647, JSS Road (Girgaum Road ),
Mumbai - 400 002.

Residence Address:
Venus Apartments, G Block,
16th floor, Flat No.63,
Worli Seaface, Mumbai - 400 018.

Res: 493 4172 / 493 4582
Off: 209 4580
Fax: 209 4396

By: Sharmistha Chatterjee


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